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Andman Islands

February 2011

Some pictures from  Port Blair

(click over the pict for large image)

Image of land

A GT medium size

Two triple hooks Gamakatsu “GT Recorder” and relative split ring, mounted on Carpenter Gt gamma (Angler Giulio Cini), chewed from -probably- two large GT at the same time!!

Nicola “Caranx” Zingarelli in action..

The rods of only 3 of 6 Anglers of expedition..

Hammer Head “G Cup” after 6 fishing days and some GT landed..


Woodwork (pics from..)

Inside the old Penal colony   (No words..)

This is a selection of my preferred stickbait, than in a few colors, used in Andaman


One response

  1. Alessandro Massari

    ….. and you’ve yet to see the best ones hehehe

    24/01/2011 at 12:23 AM

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